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 The Mullen High School Foundation, Inc.



In accordance with Article V of the Foundation’s Bylaws, the affairs of the Foundation are managed by its Board of Directors. Those individuals interested in being considered for an appointment to the Board of Directors should submit a letter of interest and résumé/curriculum vitae to the Board of Directors via the following electronic mail address:  foundation@mullenhigh.com



Board of Directors: 

Mark Ward (2013 Cohort) - Chair

Blake Hutchison (2012 Cohort) - Vice Chair 

Kathryn Barrett (2013 Cohort) - Secretary

Paul Laird (2012 Cohort) - Treasurer

Sam DePizzol (2013 Cohort)

Craig Bowman (2012 Cohort) - Mullen Board of Trustees

Kieran Brady (2013 Cohort)

Robert Brennan (2013 Cohort)

Patricia Campbell (2013 Cohort)

Jeff Case (2012 Cohort)

Buck Hutchison (2012 Cohort)

Rob Joyce  (2012 Cohort)

Mary Beth Loesch (2102 Cohort)

Chris Martinez (2014 Cohort)

Doran Oancia (2014 Cohort)

Dan O'Dea (2012 Cohort)

Dave Palladino (2012 Cohort)

Ryan Ross (2012 Cohort)

Laura Srsich (2012)

Brandon Willis (2012 cohort) - Mullen Board of Trustees









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