Lifetime Learning
Opportunities Forensic Science & Law. HTML Language. Women in the World. Leadership. The Holocaust. Modern Literary Genres. Anatomy & Physiology. Statistics & Probability. Acting. Technical Theatre. Chamber Ensemble. Latin. Bioethics. CPR/First Aid. Psychology. Economics.Comparative Religions. Courses that Mullen graduates take in college? No – courses that Mullen students are taking now! When it comes to academics, the Mullen curriculum opens doors to a lifetime of learning and accomplishment.

Academic Year
Our academic year follows the trimester system: five 70-minute classes a day, 15 classes per year. This provides for both Mullen’s solid core of college-prep, honors, and AP courses and a selection of over 130 sections of challenging academic electives. The result is a curriculum that is both rigorous and comprehensive, suited to meet the many needs of our diverse community of learners. Mullen graduating classes regularly send 99% of their members on to attend colleges and universities across the nation, receive over $10 million annually in college scholarship offers, and sit 50% of their members each year for the Advanced Placement Exams, 80% of whom achieve scores of 3 or better with an average of 30% scoring at least one 5. In addition, all students participate in our Service Learning and Immersion Program.

"Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve"
Since 1983, Mullen students have logged over 300,000 hours of community service to the people of Colorado and beyond! It’s all part of our preparation for college and life approach to learning – that’s the Mullen experience!

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