De La Salle Program

The purpose of The Sister Brendan Jordan De La Salle Program (DLS) is to provide additional support to students coming to Mullen who may not be academically prepared to succeed in a full CP setting. The goal is to meet the college readiness benchmarks by end of Junior year for students within accepted growth range, or to continue to make adequate growth each year in readiness benchmarks. Students can leave the program as early as freshman year based on assessment scores and teacher recommendation. Students are meant to be fully mainstreamed by Senior year at the latest so as to be prepared to enter into college. Students are asked to come in for follow up assessments if they fall below the 25% on the HSPT OR have partial proficiency on TCAP/IOWA OR based on information in their admissions files. The supports in this program come from classes specifically designed to support students in their study habits and provide explicit instruction on skills they need to succeed in a CP curriculum. 

Summer Academy

Summer courses offer students a chance to expand their academic foundation by taking preparation courses. Incoming 9th grade students as well as incoming 10th grade students have the option to enroll in a two week English, math and study skills courses. These courses are not for credit but provide an opportunity for students to fill any gaps in foundational skills and jumpstart learning. 

Summer Academy dates for the 2015-16 will be from July 25th through August 4th from 9:00AM-12:00PM.

After School Homework Support

After school support offers a time period for students to receive additional one on one support on homework and test preparation. Students can recieve peer tutoring led by trained members of  National Honors society or work with our after school coordinator.

Accommodation Plans

Limited accommodations are available to students with documented disabilities. They are provided according to individual needs and based upon the recommendations contained within the evaluation report. These accommodations can be found in the Mullen handbook.

Mullen High School is a college preparatory setting. We do not modify our curriculum, graduation requirements, co-curricular requirements or behavioral expectations in any way. For example, we do not shorten assignments, extend due dates or alter test-taking formats.

Students requesting services must:

1. Meet all regular admissions requirements.
2. Submit a current psycho-educational evaluation completed by a licensed professional psychologist. To be considered current the evaluation should be no more than three years old. It should include:

  • A diagnostic statement of the specific learning disability
  • Complete results from comprehensive cognitive testing, achievement testing and other measures on which the diagnosis is based
  • Recommended accommodations to be used to support the student in the school setting.

3. Commit to be re-evaluated when the current evaluation expires (within three years of testing).
4. Submit any previous records of services or accommodations received previously (IEP, ISP, LSP). Please note: 504 plans do not fill the requirements for requesting services. 




Contact Dean's Office

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Dean of Students
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Attendance Office

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