Science Department

Department Coordinator:  Mary Wakumoto

The Science Department strives to teach the following skills to every student: to develop the ability to think in a scientific manner, to provide students with factual information in all aspects of science, to make use of laboratory experiment and problem solving techniques, to emphasize the importance of observing as a means of gathering useful data, to teach critical thinking by analyzing, interpreting, and drawing conclusions or inferences from data previously gathered in the lab, to stress the relationship between science and mathematics so that students may come to understand the built-in logic of science, to emphasize the formulation of hypotheses and theories in relation to these facts to provide students with a well organized picture of the nature of science, to improve students understanding and appreciation of the historical development of the various sciences, and to provide an atmosphere in which students will gain an appreciation and respect for creation and to see the possibility of going where no one has gone before.


Mary Wakumoto   Department Coordinator

Mary Wakumoto graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering. After working for Lockheed, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, and FEI Microwave, Ms. Wakumoto earned a Master’s degree in Education from Stanford University. Before coming to Mullen High School, she taught Physics, Mathematics, and Electronics at a variety of private, public and international high schools and at Pasadena City College.

Brad Calvin


Brad Calvin grew up in College Station, Texas, and graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. Mr. Calvin came to Mullen High School in 2010 from Westside High School in Houston, Texas. Mr. Calvin is currently teaching Chemistry, Biology and Anatomy, and is also the faculty sponsor for Mullen's Green Club.

Mary Beth Porter    

Betsy Porter

  Mary Beth Porter holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from  Baylor College of Medicine, a Master’s in Theology from Madonna University, a Scripture Certificate from Denver Catholic Biblical School and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Notre Dame.  Dr. Porter joined the Theology Department in 2005 and now she teaches in both the Theology and Science Departments.  She has travelled to Africa to visit the Lasallian schools and is sponsor of the African Awareness Club.
Pete Spiessbach    

Pete Speissbach

  Pete Spiessbach is a Mullen High School graduate (Class of 1998) and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from Regis University. Mr. Spiessbach also holds a Master's degree in Chemical and Life Science from the University of Maryland. Mr. Spiessbach is currently teaching AP Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics, and Biochemistry and is the boys' Junior Varsity basketball coach.

Dana White

  Dana White graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Physical Anthropology. After teaching in Florida for 19 years, she came to Mullen in January 2009. Ms. White teaches Environmental Science, Honors Biology, and AP Biology.

Beth Wright

  Beth Wright attended the University of Kansas for both her undergraduate degree in Education and Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Mrs. Wright began teaching and coaching volleyball in Olathe, Kansas and continued her teaching career with Denver Public Schools. Mrs. Wright returned to teaching in 2005 at Mullen High School and begins her 17th year as an instructor. She teaches Chemistry and Physical Science and is now in her first year as service learning coordinator at Mullen.
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