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Service Learning Requirements

Students are required to acquire 70 hours of service learning before graduation. Of these, 50 hours of the program must be direct or indirect contact with a marginalized population, while the other 20 must be within the Mullen community.

Service Learning Projects with the marginalized
Marginalized is defined as those who experience social disadvantage due to economic, physical, ethnic, gender, age, and educational hardships. Some specific examples of the marginalized include: 

               - Those who live in poverty
               - The sick
               - Immigrants
               - The physically and/or mentally challenged
               - The homeless

Direct or indirect contact means the service learning experiences must involve those who fit the definition of marginalized. The project will not be approved if it does not fit this definition.

Service to directly benefit the Mullen Community
Of the 70 total hours, 20 hours must directly benefit the Mullen Community. In the spirit of inclusive community, it is essential Mullen students continue to help in the growth of our school. Some examples of Mullen Community Service Learning include:

               - Help with text book organizing
               - Volunteering for sports camps (at the discretion of the coach)
               - Campus clean up and helping with the Open House

Service within the Mullen Community must be approved by the Service Learning Coordinator, approved by the moderator of the service project, and include a Service Project Information Form.

Upon completion of the Mullen Service Project, this form must be completed documenting the hours and accompanied by personal reflections of the experience. Forms can also be picked up in the Service Learning Office, located in the Student Life Center.

If you have any questions about these requirements please contact:

Judy McCarty

Director of Service Learning
303.761.1761 x3350

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