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The Mullen Student Council is our school’s elected student leadership organization. It is composed of both elected and appointed student body representatives. Internal organization consists of an executive council and area and event committees. Eligibility criteria for candidacy for Student Council membership is published each year in conjunction with annual elections. Student Council’s main role is to lead and promote student co-curricular involvement by organizing student activities and events that reflect school spirit, school traditions, and Lasallian principles.


2014-2015 Student Leadership Council Campaign

Get to know the students running for leadership office and vote on Weds/Thurs May 14th and 15th in Rilko at lunch.


Click the candidate's image below to view their campaign video

Lauren Berger   Hailee Boyle   Isabel Brown (Izzi)   Ingrid Cherry
Natalie DeBartolomeis   Vince DeBartolomeis   Emily Dryden   Jack Erdle
Mitch Erdle   Taylor Fetter   Maria Jacobs   Izze Johnson
Frannie Krupp   Maya Rosengarten   Katie Russ   Kathleen Storen



Cali Edgar   Zach Johnson   Sally Koch   Scott Strietelmeier
Quinn Weigers   Julia Willetts   Susanna Konkel   Eli Mills



Kasha Akrami   Bradley Case   Jenna Case   Sarah DeLine
Allie Goulding   Harrison Olivieri   Davis Ranney   Caroline Woodhouse
Joseph Schwamm            
Student Life

Joe Welling
Director of Student Life

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