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Africa Awareness
"Africa is bleeding. Will you help?" Africa Awareness is a service oriented club dedicated to helping young people in many parts of Africa. We explore a range of topics from Invisible Children to SAORO and continue to enlighten students about Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (our sister school). Our goal is to be of service to our neighbors in Africa (Lk 10:27-29) through knowledge, fund raising and prayer.
Moderator: Dr. Porter

Car Club
The Mullen Car Club is designed for car lovers and people who want to learn more about cars. While it will include discussions and presentations on cars, automobile technology and innovations, it will also include visits to car shows, races, auctions and car games. The club’s major fund raising activity is a planned car show where proceeds will be donated to Mullen charity efforts.
Moderator: Mr. Mitchell

Caring for Cancer
If someone you know is suffering from cancer or you just want make an impact in this world, please join this club. We will meet bi-monthly to bond, form community, and fundraise for cancer research for both men and women. Your support and participation is greatly appreciated!
Moderator: Mrs. Finney

Chess Club
Meets weekly, on Fridays from 3:00 – 4:00 pm and is open to all Mullen students. The club welcomes you if you have never played Chess before, or if you are a seasoned tournament player. It is completely casual; come when you can!
Moderator: Mr. Augros

Class Leadership Council
Leadership Council at Mullen High School is a group of students in all grades who work to design and lead class unity projects and activities. Student leaders strive to manifest the Five Core Principles of Lasallian education while designing activities that promote school spirit, unite students, and provide service to those most in need in our community. Activities include: Homecoming projects, Booville carnival for neighborhood children, service projects, school socials, and attendance at the Lasallian Student Leadership Conference in San Francisco over the summer.
Moderators: Mrs. Wright

eSports Club
Come join the fun and get the latest information on gaming tournament around the world and within your basement. eSports is open to anyone interested in all types of gaming. 

Engineering Club
Students will experience the design cycle as they conduct research and work in teams to design and construct various projects. Students will have the opportunity to experience design and modeling using a 3D printer. In addition, students may choose to enter local design contests.
Moderator: Mrs. Wakumoto

Fashion Club
The Mullen High School Fashion Club is a community of expressive people who enjoy fashion and want to work together to make clothes, write about trends and be participants in various school activities. The purpose of our club is to enhance our school's interest in fashion, to provide weekly events open to all students that further educate our students about all aspects of the fashion industry, to identify and recognize fashion at the school in a positive way, and to give our students the opportunity to be part of something that one can remember for a lifetime. Click here for the Blog
Moderators: Ms. Steinhauser & Dr. Sherpe

H.O.P.E. stands for “helping others promote equality” at Mullen, within our community, nationally and throughout the world. HOPE has many activities from hosting special guest speakers, National Mix IT Up Day, S.A.V.E. (students against violence everywhere) to helping families in need with food, clothing, books, and holiday baskets, and adopting a child overseas. Our members are active in the state wide Cherry Creek Cultural Diversity Conference each year. We find ways to bring our community together, reach out and help others, and are open to discuss various topics of concern around cultural diversity and individual rights.
Moderator: Mrs. Figg 

Judo Club 
Students will have the opportunity to learn Judo and enter local tournaments. Sessions will be taught by Sensei Gracie Jividen (1992 Judo Olympian, 6th degree black belt). Both male and female students are welcome!
Moderator: Mrs. Wakumoto

Knit Wits and Crazy Crochet Club
The mission of the Knit Wits and Crazy Crochet Club is:

  • To create a place to “pause life” and deepen friendships through a common hobby.

  • To offer a warm and cozy place with the color, tactile pleasure and pattern support that brings the rush of creativity we all live for.

  • To learn and/or improve upon the art of knitting or crocheting.

  • To create a knitting/crocheting “sanctuary”, a respite from the hustle, fast paced survival mode we all dwell in. A calming retreat to come and reconnect with self, others, and God.

  • To reach out to or share gifts with others through the art of needlework.

    Moderator: Mrs. DeHaan

Lasallian Youth
Faith Service Community
Meetings Every Tuesday at lunch in the Activities Center
Lasallian Youth is open to all students. It offers the student a variety of opportunities to minister to the economically poor through direct service and education in the spirit of  St. John Baptist De LaSalle. Lasallian Youth assist in building a faith-filled community at Mullen High School. Activities include prayer, projects that help keep community awareness of our Lasallian heritage, a safe Halloween for children, collecting for Thanksgiving food drives, and a Christmas adopt-a-family program. Students help with serving meals to the marginalize senior homeless in the Denver area. Lasalian Youth also works with our sister school in Meki to help raise money for their educational needs. Read more about Meki and Lasallian Youth.
Moderator: Mrs. McCarty

Latin Club 
This is an organization for Latin students to join and discover more about ancient cultures and languages. Students participate in several activities, including frequent meetings, competitions and field trips to the local junior Classical League chapter events in Boulder and Estes Park (more information at Students also promote the awareness of ancient cultures by sponsoring events for the student body to attend. Torch award available.
Moderator: Dr. Sherpe

Link Crew
Link Crew is a leadership training program. Link Crew is based on a simple concept: linking freshmen with successful upperclassmen. Juniors and seniors are trained in team building activities, cooperative skill development, and discussion skills. Link provides social and academic support throughout the school year. This year's objectives:

  • To empower juniors and seniors as role models for freshmen

  • To increase academic success through support of peers

  • To develop leadership skills in students

  • To allow successful older students to pass on positive traditions to younger students

  • To expose students to a variety of individuals in positive situations

  • To teach students that by working together they can be successful and enjoy one another

  • To help create a supportive and positive atmosphere in campus

    Moderator: Mr. Welling

Liturgy Committee
Liturgy Committee prepares the student body, the space and the ministers for worship. We assist in the preparation for school Masses and Friday morning daily Masses, and promote education about liturgy. Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors are needed for all the Masses and prayer services. Every student is invited to be involved with this committee. Training and meetings are held often in my classroom.
Moderator: Ms. Niblack

Mullen Outdoors Club
The Mullen outdoors club was created To promote outdoor activity in the beautiful Colorado mountains.  Many students only experience the mountains with their families; we will have the Mullen family experience this together as students, family, and friends.
Moderators: Mr. DeNezza, Mrs. Schneringer

National Honor Society
The Mullen Chapter of the National Honor Society is an organization that promotes recognition of students for outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership and service. The society meets four times throughout the school year and participates in various community service projects. Each year the society elects four officers who serve in leadership roles during the school year. To be a member, a student must be at least a sophomore, have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 and complete at least 20 hours of community service each school year.
Moderators: Ms. Skene & Ms. Capra

National Latin Honor Society
Is a prestigious organization that honors students' academic achievement and good citizenship. Students must be enrolled in Latin, be a member of the Latin Club and receive an A in two consecutive trimesters of their Latin classes. These fine students offer services such as Latin tutoring, meriting the highest status and recognition by Mullen High School's Latin program. Induction is every spring and must be renewed yearly. These students will be invited to participate in the World Languages Honor Society and organize activities for the student body. Torch award available. 
Moderator: Dr. Sherpe

National Social Studies Honor Society 
The National Social Studies Honor Society strives to:

  • To promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies among high school students.

  • To provide opportunities for exploration in the social studies in the school environment and the community.

  • To encourage interest in, understanding, and appreciation for the ocial studies.

    Moderator: Mr. DeNezza

The Renaissance Society
An eclectic group of students who enjoy learning for the sake of learning. They seek opportunities in the community to enrich their knowledge and heighten their cultural awareness. Students attend at least 10 events (only two from the same genre) and write a reflection on their experience as well as provide a piece of evidence for the attendance (i.e., ticket stub, brochure). Students organize group events and meet to discuss their experiences over the year.
Moderator: Mrs. Baldwin

The Robotics Club
Students will meet after school at Dakota Ridge High School.  In January, the organizers unveil the specifics of the robotics contest and each team is provided a kit of parts.   Each team has six weeks to complete the project for the regional competition.Students interested in joining and/or serving as a leader of the Robotics Club should sign up with Mrs. Wakumoto in room 219.  Each club member will be responsible for keeping a log (including date, start time, stop time, and activity) of each day spent working on the robotics project.
Moderator: Mrs. Wakumoto

Sacred Sounds & Strings
This group is composed of students and faculty members who plan and provide choral and instrumental music at all school Masses, prayer services, and other special events. The group includes guitars, vocals, drums, chimes, violins, and piano.
Moderator: The Pastoral Director, Mr. Schuchardt

Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.)
(S.A.D.D.) is the Mullen Chapter of a national organization that promotes healthy life choices for young people. We promote drug and alcohol free students, as well as safe driving, awareness of the dangers of eating disorders, suicide prevention, and safety on dates.
Moderator: Ms. Niblack

U. S. A. Club
The United States of America, or USA, are the ultimate champions of America, the greatest nation to ever exist, at Mullen High School. The mission of USA is five-fold; to promote Patriotism, sponsor shows of unity, support the troops, sponsor possible guest speakers and file amicus curiae briefs to the Supreme Court. USA members gather in intense rallies that inspire members into pro-America actions that include the sponsorship of American soldiers, the recitation of our Pledge of Allegiance and the perpetual presentation of American flag lapel pins. All who love America are encouraged to join USA. Thank you, and may God bless America!
Moderator: Mr. Locascio

Winning God’s Way – FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
Our huddle groups meet weekly to discuss through specific lesson plans the leadership role one faces as a Christian athlete, the pitfalls of success one encounters through sports, and one’s personal relationship with Christ and the obligation that goes along with that relationship. The cross-section of athletes allows student-athletes to share and relate their own personal experiences with those of athletes from a variety of different sports and situations.
Moderator: Mr. Hooper

World Affairs
Developed in 1991 at the University of Denver’s Center for Teaching International Relations (CTIR), the World Affairs Challenge is rooted in academics, emphasizing creativity and solution-oriented critical thinking. Each year, CTIR chooses an overreaching annual theme confronting the international community to help focus student research. The Challenge offers three separate elements within one program, of which engages a different of skills and talents from the team. Working as a team, students choose an aspect of the annual theme to be their Formal Presentation topic. On Challenge day, they present their findings to panels of judges drawn from the community. They meet peers from other schools around the state and engage in substantive discourse about the annual theme.
Moderator: Mrs. Christensen

Young Republicans:
Actually called TARS (National Teen Age Republicans)
The Teen Age Republicans (TARS) is a national, youth led organization challenging teens to become involved in their local, state and national political processes.
TARS members gain first-hand knowledge of the political process, develop leadership skills, and perform community service acts in the community.
Moderator: Mrs. Christensen

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