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As part of a senior's transition from their final years at Mullen High School into their freshman year of college, the Pastoral Office has developed a retreat to support this final passage.

The overnight retreat is open to any senior and will be held at Ponderosa Retreat and Confernece Center in Larkspur, CO.

SENIOR RETREAT - April 13th - 14th.  

Senior Leadership

Mullen Seniors are encouraged to participate in the retreat program by becoming a member of a retreat team.

Freshman Retreat Team:
An important aspect of the Freshman Retreats is the witness and leadership of the senior team leaders. Seniors are encouraged to fill out an application form for the Freshman Retreats in the Pastoral Office. Senior Team Leaders are required to attend a Leadership Seminar prior to the Freshman Retreat.

KAIROS Retreat Team:
Seniors who have previously attended a KAIROS retreat will have the opportunity to join a KAIROS retreat team. Applications are available in the Pastoral Office following the last Kairos retreat in March of 2014. 

Senior Retreat Code of Conduct

Senior Retreat Parent Letter







Contact Retreat Director

Joe Schuchardt
Retreat Director

303.761.1764, ext. 3359

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