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Mustangs To Work Program


Introduction to Students and Parents

The Mullen High School Alumni Association Mustangs to Work program (M2W) is the result
of the combined efforts of alumni, students, faculty, businesses, and administration.
M2W can play a crucial role in a student’s professional development by providing valuable experience
for students and realistic perspectives on what it is like to work within a given field. M2W is a pilot
program during 2011 with limited participation from students and employers. The program will
expand participation from both businesses and students in 2012.

The M2W mission is simple; the program will connect Mullen High School students and young
alumni with initial business experience and opportunities in preparation for a career in a field of their

M2W will provide an opportunity for students to:
     • Learn more about a field of interest in which they may study beyond the halls of Mullen
     • Gain first-hand knowledge of a selected area of interest and how it may impact their lives and
       future studies
     • Allow for networking opportunities within a field of interest
     • Provide a practical learning environment
     • Provide a quality enhancement to college applications
     • Learn how to write and present a resume and cover letter

Current Mullen students ages 16-18 are eligible. Alumni ages 18-20 are also eligible for our collegiate
program. Alumni 21 and over are eligible for our graduate program.

M2W’s application process is simple:
• Complete the application found in the Mullen Guidance Office or on-line
• Attend a mandatory meeting with parent(s), students, and Internship Director
• Interview with potential employer(s)

Upon completion of the internship, both the student and the employer will be asked to complete a
survey and exit interview with the Internship Director. All surveys will be reviewed by the Mullen Alumni
Association for continued updating to the M2W Program.

Introduction to Employers

Mullen High School’s hallmarks are its exemplary teaching, its community of faith, its scholastic
rigor, and its care and vigilance for each student. In that spirit and tradition of St. John Baptist de La
Salle and the Brothers of the Christian Schools, our school is a Catholic college preparatory high
school whose graduates embrace God’s gift of learning, devote their lives to God’s learning, and
commit themselves to using His learning in the service of others.

Formed in September 2010, The Mullen Alumni Association has a mission to serve the larger
Mullen community. It is from this spirit of service that the Alumni Association is inspired to help
students and alumni advance their career paths through the creation of an internship program.

The Mustangs to Work Program provides students with an opportunity to develop good,
fundamental, disciplined work habits in a work environment that is conducive to building their
character. The Program will also inevitably create relationships between Mullen High School
and participating businesses. We welcome your participation and hope that we can create a long lasting
program that mutually benefits the students and your businesses.

The intention of the Program is to create an internship position for the student that will last the
course of the summer. Beyond that, is up to the businesses and students to continue the arrangement
beyond that time if they so desire.


     • Participating businesses will fill out a form describing their area of business, the location of
       the position, and a description of the position(s) for which they are hiring.
     • Students will submit resumes to the companies for the positions that interest them.
     • Companies and students will make arrangements for interviews.
     • Companies submit offers to candidates they choose.
     • At the end of the summer, the Alumni Association will provide evaluation forms to both
       students and employers to assess the program and make recommendations for the future.




     Student Application

     Student FAQ


     Employer Application

     Employer FAQ




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