Summer Assignments for 2015-2016 School Year

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AP Art: gwm6a9 (McCarty)

Computer Science

AP Computer Science: fcbxec (McGuire) *This is not the Freshman Intro to Computer Science class.

English  How To Annotate  Rhetorical Precis  Soapstone Explication

AP English: dnxavb (Crnkovich)

English I DLS: hab59p (Abeyta)

English I CP: 55jfxf (All Teachers)

English I Honors: v3muqk (Locascio)

English II A Honors: 8ga73j (Finney)

English II A CP: hrui3a (All Teachers)

English II A DLS: tgy3cd (Finney)

English III A CP: qqmae5 (Dickerson)

English III A CP: v29vkq (Lavezza) 

English III Honors: 2jsbcm (Dickerson)  

English IV Honors: bfhk6v (Abeyta)

English IV Honors: 52tkw9 (Crnkovich) 

English IV A CP: im538a (Hamer) 


Honors Physics: xaxuem (Spiessbach)

AP Physics C: 7mh7ft (Wakumoto)

AP Chemistry: yx6mq7 (Spiessbach)

Social Studies

AP US GOV period 3: edfn5r (Figg)

AP US GOV period 4: 84v99c (Figg) 

AP US History: 6mjh5t (DeNezza)

Government A Honors: 8qsfgj (Mitchell)


Precalculus Honors: 97gavw (Skene)

AP Calculus AB: ckw4uq (Wakumoto)

AP Calculus BC: m9jpv9 (Wakumoto)

World Languages

AP Latin: fy82b2 (Sherpe) 

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